Molecular Biology of Free Radicals in Human DiseasesMOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF FREE RADICALS IN HUMAN DISEASES

Edited by Okezie I Aruoma and Barry Halliwell
Published 1998, Hardback/Cloth, Pages 430
OICA International: Saint Lucia. London

ISBN 976-8056-15-0
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Cat. No. 2001

PART I: Free Radical Chemistry and Biology
Chapter 1: Free radicals, oxidants and antioxidants: trend towards the year 2000 and beyond.
Chapter 2: Molecular aspect of free radical damage to proteins.
Chapter 3: Free radicals in reproduction and development .
Chapter 4: Molecular mechanisms of metal carcinogenesiss: role of oxidative stress.
Chapter 5: Mechanism of mutagenicity of oxidatively modified bases.

PART II: Gene Expression and Apoptosis
Chapter 6: Regulation of bacterial gene expression.
Chapter 7: Regulation of mammalian gene expression by free radicals.
Chapter 8: Molecular biology of apoptosis and programmed cell death.

PART III: Free Radicals and Disease Implications.
Chapter 9:   Nitric oxide and altered DNA and mammalian disease.
Chapter 10: Molecular aspects of free radical damage in inflammatory autoimmune pathology.
Chapter 11: Mutant superoxidae dismutases and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Readership: Research and Development in Academia and Industry, Pharmacologists, Oncologists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Physiologists and all those with an interest in the molecular mechanisms of human diseases.

Review Comment from Professor William A Pryor
Co-Editor in Chief, Free Radical Biology and Medicine

"This book presents an excellent review of free radical biology, concentrating on the effects of reactive and nitrogen species on DNA and proteins. This book is written at a high, graduate level of comprehension, and is well produced. It will be of interest to investigators already working in the field. It might also be an adjunct to the third edition of Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine (Halliwell and Gutteridge, Oxford, 1999)".

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