DNA & Free Radicals:  Techniques, Mechanisms and ApplicationsDNA & FREE RADICALS: TECHNIQUES, MECHANISMS AND APPLICATIONS

Edited by Okezie I Aruoma and Barry Halliwell
Published 1998, Hardback/cloth, Pages 325
OICA International: Saint Lucia. London
ISBN 976- 8056-16-9
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Cat. No. 2002

PART I: Free Radical Chemistry, Oxidative DNA Damage and Repair Mechanism
Chapter 1: Mechanism of free radical damage to DNA
Chapter 2: Role of chemical structure in determination of repair enzyme substrate specificity and mechanism
Chapter 3: DNA damage induced by photosensitization and photoreactive compounds

PART II: Drug Interactions, Secondary Metabolism and the Pathophysiology of Oxidative Stress
Chapter 4: Sex as a response to oxidative damage
Chapter 5: Oxidative DNA damage in cancer and aging
Chapter 6: Redox cycling antitumor drugs
Chapter 7: Genotoxic potential of the secondary bile acids. A role for reactive oxygen species

Techniques for assessing oxidative damage to DNA
Chapter 8: Application of genomic gene enrichment for ligation mediated polymerase chain reaction analysis
Chapter 9: Application of advanced mass spectroscopy to detect oxidative DNA damage
Chapter 10: Assessment of oxidative DNA damage by the frequency of formamido- pyrimidine-glycosylase (FPG) sensitive DNA lesions
Chapter 11: Measurement of DNA damage by gas chromatography chromatography/mass spectrometry
Chapter 12: The comet assay. A novel approach to measuring DNA oxidation
Chapter 13: Interpretation of oxidative DNA modification: relation between tissue levels, excretion of urinary products
Chapter 14: Immuno-detection of products of oxidative damage to DNA
Chapter 15: Measurement of base damage to DNA by use of HPLC/32P-postlabeling, immunological and non-invasive assays
Chapter 16: 32P-Postlabeling detection of oxidative DNA damage

Readership: Research and Development in Academia and Industry, Pharmacologists, Oncologists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Physiologists and all those with an interest in the molecular mechanisms of human diseases.

Excepts of foreword by Professor Anthony T Diplock

"The detection, quantitation and biological significance of oxidative damage to DNA has become a crucial endeavour in the efforts that are at present being made to assess the significance of such events to the long process that eventually leads to cancer in human subjects. This book is a treasury of vital information which must commend itself both to the specialist, as well as to the generalist, who need to be brought up to date in this rapidly moving and highly exciting area of research which has such important implications for mankind".

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